BCSR Advisory


Formal restructuring

It is built on the principles laid down by ZKR and its successful management it implies a deep knowledge of insolvency and company law as well as experience in creating documents for commercial courts so as to avoid disputes and confusion throughout the process.

Restructuring is a sophisticated process of recovery of the borrowing prescribed and defined by the law, the certification by a competent court under the direction and supervision of restructuring trustee chosen by the debtor.

What are you geting  now

  1. Interruption of execution,
  2. Stopping performance pledge,
  3. Interrupting a bankruptcy auction,
  4. System solution criminal legal responsibility,

The reasons why the company has to deal with restructuring

  1. Secondary insolvency
  2. Unproductive assets, failed investment
  3. Fines and penalties of failed transactions
  4. Poor corporate strategy of diversification
  5. Failure of a key customer