BCSR Advisory


As a company with many years of experience with the process of restructuring companies we can offer a professional service in all areas whose mastery is a prerequisite for success of the process of debt relief and recovery of your company.

The four basic pillars on which we build in the management of the restructuring process is briefly be summarized in the following areas:

Formal restructuring

It is built on the principles laid down by ZKR and its successful management it implies a deep knowledge of insolvency and company law as well as experience in creating documents for commercial courts so as to avoid disputes and confusion throughout the process.

Restoration and rehabilitation

The actual business of the company in bankruptcy is often the existential threat due to the crisis of efficiency and deterioration of confidence on the part of trading partners, suppliers and customers. Despite the difficult situation, the company can get the most out of the crisis and to extract new competitive advantages if efficiently uses time receiving during the formal processes associated with the restructuring. As part of creditor protection can undertake key changes inwards and find their lost market position.

Investments and acquisitions

New possibilities of obtaining a strategic partner to continue the business activities are also a key prerequisite for maintaining society as a whole. To turnaround a strategic partner for a much more favorable conditions than would be in bankruptcy proceedings. The company after a successful restructuring process for its owner a much higher value in the event of a sale of shares. The same company interested in purchasing companies prefer to historical ills were resolved before they enter into a new acquisition.

Controlling and Accounting

Basic information system is an important source of valuable information necessary for deciding on the next course of society. The more the system is important in turbulent times of crisis it is necessary to determine the new direction of the company and then monitor compliance. Controlling the same time having a good time identifies the possible negative trends which could keep the company set a positive trend even after creditor protection and taking the company to entirely normal functioning within its market segment.