BCSR Advisory

Restoration and rehabilitation

Cost Cutting (cost reduction) helps clients has identified what are their major cost areas that produce the greatest value. Based on the analysis we consider how best to address these areas and to avoid increasing the cost. Cost Cutting deals with the benefits and risks of optimizing costs and values ​​in internal processes and external relationships with customers and suppliers.

Cost management in the enterprise is aimed at improving the organizational structure and thereby bring cost savings by analyzing the activities using internal and external comparisons. Develop and implement innovations in operational activities and projects through the use of internal services, external procurement programs and to evaluate the effectiveness of THP, production staff and production processes.

Major steps to reduce costs:

  • Minimization: first of all be analyzed areas with distinct and immediate opportunities to reduce costs savings. This step is greater scope for coordinating the company’s costs, business.
  • Optimization: then the focus should be on effective management of service companies. Focus on identifying opportunities for savings and improved structure design and procurement control.
  • Reorganization: it is necessary to carry out the necessary structural changes aimed at executive and operational model. These structures present substantial reduction of labor costs, achieving savings through better operating model, the process of fundamental change in manufacturing processes. Inplementovať strategies for cost management, continuous development of the implementation plan benefits and analyzes procurement.

Improve the process of bringing improvement in all business areas, from procurement to delivery of goods and services. Early identification of every opportunity to improve in order to achieve long-term and sustainable benefits and benefits such as lower costs, shorter processing time, less scrap in the production of a higher quality achieved thus contributing to higher customer satisfaction and higher sales.