BCSR Advisory

Investments and acquisitions

Due Dilligence

An indispensable part of the restructuring process are also business combinations. For these there is the entry of a new investor in the company Thereby increasing the chances of a successful operation even after formal restructuring. Our years of experience enable us to offer our clients services in the preparation process of Due Diligence on both the seller and the buyer of.

Due Diligence to the seller

A company that is looking for its development of a new investor, potential candidates allows it to obtain sufficient information to know that the candidate prepare and formulate the offer to purchase part or all of the shares. At the same time this process should not expose the leak of sensitive information in the hands of competitors. For our clients, we provide comprehensive management of the sales process and by addressing candidates preparing documents for the Data Room, to advice in the selection of the winning candidate and Signing and Closing of the transaction.

Due diligence of the buyer

For those interested in buying the shares or the purchase of the company in the restructuring process, we are ready to provide consulting services in participating in the bidding process. On behalf of the client we examine documents to be submitted to the selling side and napomôžeme so when deciding how to form and enter into a new acquisition.