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Optimization of suppliers is an important process in the company. On the choice of supplier is used so. purchasing marketing.

Cost marketing is based on an assessment of market positions of suppliers and assessing delivery conditions. Vendor evaluation is based primarily on an analysis of acquisition costs.

The main criteria when choosing a supplier:

  • material costs and price advantage,
  • quality material,
  • bonity of supplier (reputation, reliability),
  • delivery conditions (deadlines, means of transportation, distance supplier),
  • payment conditions (method of payment option loan),

General principles in the choice of contractor:

  • Purchase risk is reduced if the material is purchased from several suppliers,
  • small amount of material is better to purchase in wholesale, more directly from the manufacturer,

The optimization of suppliers is relevant purchasing policy. Purchasing policy based on sales strategy, which affects the formation of the production program and hence the need for the material conditions of knowledge production and the availability of material resources and conditions záskavania material procurement market.

Purchasing policy is implemented through tools purchasing policy, which determines the specific process in the implementation of enterprise material purchasing and choice of supplier.