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Restructuring and Insolvency

What is restructuring?

Restructuring is a sophisticated process of recovery of the borrowing prescribed and defined by the law, the certification by a competent court under the direction and supervision of restructuring trustee chosen by the debtor.

A. Formal restructuring

B. Unformal restructuring

Restructuring = Restart restructuring of the company.

Restructuring = Restructuring Debt relief companies.

Its purpose is to give a second chance to the firm for various reasons in difficult periods of its existence.

The reasons why the company has to deal with restructuring

Secondary insolvency

Unproductive assets

Failed investment

Fines and penalties of failed transactions

Poor corporate strategy of diversification

Failure of a key customer

Phase bankrupt company

Crisis strategy

Crisis performance

The liquidity crisis


Restructuring effective solution than standard unsolvable situation of the company

What are you geting  now

  • Interruption of execution,
  • Stopping performance pledge,
  • Interrupting a bankruptcy auction,
  • System solution criminal legal responsibility,

Restructuring in the full meaning of the word is a unique healing process of the company, therefore its effective rehabilitation and re-start the core functions of the enterprise while maintaining a substantial part of your business operations. The purpose of the restructuring is on the other hand satisfaction of creditors in scope, time and manner specified in the restructuring plan. The whole process is outline the law and approved by the competent courts of the Slovak Republic.

In addition to the restructuring of debt relief it can be resolved much more. Therefore, after considering the key clients premium for our cooperation we are recommended to think about the systematic redesign of the company:

  1. Internal processes
  2. External relations
  3. Funding
  4. Structure of assets

With such approach in restructuring then cleaned-company gains a competitive advantage over its competition.

Significant stages necessary for a successful formal restructuring are: the establishment of a restructuring opinion, the proposal to authorize and permit the subsequent restructuring of the court, the trade debts and the creditors ‘meeting, creditors’ committee meetings, creation and approval of a restructuring plan and final confirmation of the restructuring plan to creditors and the court.

The restructuring process in dealing with clients with comprehensive services and synergies in the areas of:

  1. Legal advice
  2. Business management
  3. Economic Consulting
  4. Corporate Governance in Crisis
  5. Financing to companies undergoing restructuring
  6. Expert activities

These professional and causally continuous activities are required not only for the development of high-quality documents, but especially successful and effective restructuring of the client.