BCSR Advisory

Restoration and rehabilitation

Enterprises that wish in today’s intensely competitive time to succeed in the competition, they must do to maximum. One of the ways to survive in this struggle is to increase the quality of the processes that can control the company. Increasing demands on the efficiency and performance of organizations, law creates efforts to introduce improved management systems. Not all enterprises, companies have implemented quality management system, therefore it is necessary to have well-functioning processes. Improve internal processes is aimed at the mapping, performance and its improvement, identification and analysis processes.

The main process steps:

  • target process
  • process performance and its improvement
  • the need for process improvement
  • performance Indicators

Distribution processes:

  • main processes (key, realization) – activities affecting the Company’s product business serving to value creation. They are perceived as business customers, the companies (construction, project management, production planning, production, assembly, sale, etc.)
  • auxiliary processes (provision, support) – the activities necessary for the operation of the main processes. do not create value from the customer (purchase, transport, storage, maintenance, energy supply, etc.)
  • management processes (management) – elements of corporate governance and decision by the company that manages and coordinates the main processes (goal setting, investment, human resource management, training, internal audits, corrective and preventive actions)