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Reference to project implementation SEPS

The project Slovak SEPS, as in 2010 was the company BCSR, Ltd. selected consultant for the preparation and processing of corporate strategy, which operates národnohospodársky important as the electricity transmission system operator SR.

As the SEPS, a.s. It is an atypical businesses, for the following reasons it was not possible to use standard procedures and methods of making corporate strategy, therefore, the company SEPS, as He chose to cooperate BCSR, Ltd. due to the high flexibility, expertise and human side partners.

BCSR Company, Ltd. was involved:

  • in consultations throughout the process of preparing and implementing strategies

Despite the many limiting factors we BSCR thanks, Ltd. created a document that comprehended the problems of our society in all its complexity and make PC room to move the company to a higher degree of quality and existential stability in the near and distant future.

Thanks to the interest on our long experience, the gray pc access, creativity and overall high professionalism we have achieved the stated objective of SEPS, a.s.

Sample references realized project SEPS