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Reference to project implementation DMK, Ltd.

In project Dubnický Matalurgický Kombinát, s.r.o. for which a bankruptcy order against the company in 2014, it was necessary to prevent the collapse of the employees do not lose their place in society and to prevent the closure of establishments sold off assets to the maximum possible satisfaction of creditors.

As an administrator of the bankrupt we needed a team of people who are able to immediately take charge of a team every day to ensure the Company’s operations. The team provided us with BCSR Company Ltd., which his professional approach and complex solutions implemented activities that led to the stabilization of the DMK, sro and thereby maintain continuous operation and employment in the company.

The main steps undertaken by BCSR, sro performed were:

  • Proposals for immediate rationalization measures
  • Crisis plan of the company
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reporting and controlling
  • Business activities aimed at obtaining new customers and contracts
  • Curative personnel actions
  • Optimizing supplier relations and contracts
  • Keeping economic agenda administrator
  • The conclusion of a favorable long-term contracts for the supply of energy
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Solving ad-hoc jobs crisis
  • Total cost optimization

Collaboration with BCSR, Ltd. as very good because in a very short and turbulent time to stabilize, ensuring the operation and thus provide higher performance to creditors.

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